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Michael Chilufya Charles Sata (Left) Frederick Jacob Titus Mpundu Chiluba (Center) Titus Mpundu Chiluba (Center) and Levy Patrick Mwanawasa at Libala Grounds on Wednesday 5th September, 2001 -Picture by Derrick Sinjela

Michael Chilufya Charles Sata (Left) Frederick Jacob Titus Mpundu Chiluba (Center) and Levy Patrick Mwanawasa at Libala Grounds on Wednesday 5th September, 2001 -Picture by Derrick Sinjela

By Citizen Photo-journalist Saeed Simon Banda and Derrick Sinjela, a Prisoner of Conscience (PoC) Lus4818/18

FORMER first Republican President, the late Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda and the United National Independence Party (UNIP) ruled Zambia for 27 years from Saturday, 24th October, 1964 till Thursday, 31st October, 1991.

Die-hard UNIP Zealots had a mantra: “Kumulu – Heaven (Lesa) Pashi (Kaunda).

Elyo baleti (chorussed) Uwaikatako wapya (Whoever touches UNIP) will be burnt by fire, as a flame is it’s political symbol.

As fate would have it, UNIP has no single representation in Zambian National Assembly and Local Government as lack of adequate food on the table brought this ‘Wamuyaya – Everlasting) leadership into political oblivion.

Then came the ‘New Culture People’ led by former Second Republican President, the late Dr. Frederick Tutus Jacob Mpundu. After dribbling 5th Republican President, the late Michael Charles Chilufya Sata, Dr. Chiluba was succeeded by former 3rd Republican President, the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (LPM), and later 4th Republican President, the late Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, a distinguished diplomat took leadership at Plot 0ne, Independence Avenue. They too, were arrogant. Very boisterious individuals, who duped us into believing that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) would be in power for a hundred years (100). Ask former Local Government and Housing Minister, the late Benny Tentamashimba? WoW…that was not to be! Lesa (The Lord Jesus Christ) humbled these bragging blues, into political history, so much so that after two decades (20 years in power 1991-2011), today MMD has no Member of Parliament.
Power is Sweet Chiluba is on record, to have remarked at State House, and is credited to have been liberal in both speech and policies just check – read Newspapers at The National Archives or or take a visit to Zambia National Broadcasting Services (ZNBC) Library on Alick Nkhata Avenue, Lusaka.

In the Multi-party General Elections were held on Thursday, 31st October, 1991, MMD convincingly defeated UNIP on account of Njala (Hunger).

Chiluba was elected with 76% of the vote to Kaunda’s 24%.

MMD won 125 of the 150 elected seats in the National Assembly at Manda ‘Graveyard’ Hill.

As Chiluba’s first five-year term lapsed, the MMD’s commitment to political reform diminished with Shikulu Kaunda preaching a Second Revolution, which saw KK and former Legal Affairs Minister, Dr. Roger Chongwe of the Liberal Progressive Front (LPF) being shot at in Kabwe, Central Province, and MMD mocking the duo that it was red wine on their foreheads.

Kenneth Kaunda strings guiter with with a tearful Betty

MMD’s overwhelming majority in parliament, saw President Chiluba capitalise and in May 1996 pushed through a Constitutional Amendments effectively eliminating Dr. Kaunda and Chiefs from the controversial 1996 general elections.

UNIP boycotted the elections, allowing Chiluba to be re-elected with 73% and MMD winning 131 of the National Assembly 150 seats.

Opposition parties and Non-Governmental Organisations declared the elections neither free nor fair.

Early in 2001, supporters of President Chiluba mounted a Third Term campaign to amend the constitution to allow Chiluba to breach constitutional two-term limit.

Then Vice President, the late Lieutenant General Christon Tembo drove his motorcade to an opposition and NGO rally and stopped the Third Term campaign.

Chiluba imposed Mwanawasa after, after blocking Tembo and former Vice President Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda.

While Brig. General Godfrey Miyanda formed the Heritage Party (HP), now rebranded as the New Heritage Party (NHP) led by Chishala Kateka, Lt. Gen. Tembo formed the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) now led by Zambia’s former first female Minister of Finance and National Planning, Edith Zewelani Nawakwi and FDD Vice President, State Counsel Chifumu Kingdom Banda, elder brother of former Law Associational of Zambia (LAZ) treasurer, Overs M. M. Banda.

King Cobra’s Patriotic Front (PF) equally came out as a gang of really tough lads and lasses but as was the case with UNIP and MMD, The Boat People last just a decade (10 years 2011 to August 2021) in power after deluding themselves of being untouchable and immovable. The PF had three leaders, Sata, former First White Zambian Vice President, Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott and former, Fourth Republican President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Built by its founding President, the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka, the United Party for National Development (UPND) & and 7th Republican President, Hakainde Sammy Hichilema (HSH7) have been in power for 464 days since Thursday, 12th August, 2021.
Zambia will vote on Thursday, 13th August, 2026, that is in 1, 363 days as at from today, Saturday, 19th November, 2022.
Borrowing a cue from both Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP) President, Highvie Hambulo Hamududu and Deputy President Kasote Singogo, HSH7 has ‘Three Major Tripartite Obstacles (TMTO’s); high income inequality, high unemployment and high poverty which must be removed before elections in 2026.
… To Be Continued….Contact +260212266789,

President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema in Solwezi, North-Western Province

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