“Zambian opposition parties are vision less,” laughs Thabo Kawana

Thabo Kawana flanked by UPND Alliance Media Team Members Davis Mataka and Edmond Miti – Picture by Derrick Sinjela

By Theresa Kalenga

United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana is laughing at opposition politicians for lacking foresight.

In an apparent reference to delayed appointment of Cabinet Ministers and Senior Civil Servants, Mr. Kawana argued that it is both ridiculous and ludicrous for such sentiment to be raised.

Kawana says the uncoordinated outbursts from the opposition are not worthy debutting, stressing that clearly indicating that the Patriotic Front (PF) and it’s surrogates have not settled down in opposition politics

“The UPND Alliance Administration is still in transition and not in a hurry to please critics. We will have to be systematic on how we do things so that the country is allowed to transition smoothly,” Kawana allayed fears on delayed appointments as President Hakainde Hichilema is scrutinising individuals earmarked to work in designated portfolios.

During a Saturday 28th August, 2021 Press Briefing at the Movement for Democratic Congress (MDC) Secretariate in Lusaka’s Woodland residential area, on Independence Road, Kawana equally castigated sentiments from former Water, Environment and Sanitation Raphel Nakachinda that the UPND Alliance Government has reneged on its free education campaign promises.

“The free education promise will be done in phases and systematically as the Upnd has taken over empty confers as alluded to yesterday, when President Hichilema swore Dr. Situmbeko Mysikotwane as Finance Minister,” protested Kawana flanked by Davis Mataka, Ruth Dante and Edmond Miti.

Thabo Kawana flanked by Edmond Miti and Davis Mataka – Picture by Derrick Sinjela


Insisted Kawana: “This is not about jobs for the boys, their is a scrutiny process and he has demonstrated that his appointments are on merit as is evident in Dr. Musokotwane’s credentials. The Business community is happy and investor confidence can be seen”.

Kawama has urged Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to investigate any raised suspicion without hindrance.

“DEC must stop any crime as the UPND Alliance will not be on the witch hunt but move in and correct things and individuals found wanting. We urge our law enforcement to visit Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ). We ask law enforcement agencies to visit NCZ. We are only encouraging you to take interest and investigate the deals at Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, as we are aware of deal that only got to one company instated of nine persons,” said Kawana.

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