HH will shock many, insists Amb. Dr. Edgar Ngoma

Zambia's Seventh President Hakainde Hichilema with Second Female Vice President Mutale Nalumango


ZAMBIA HAS THE RIGHT PRESIDENT NOW FOR THE KIND OF ECONOMIC CHALLENGES SHE IS GOING THROUGH*….HH will shock many….as he fulfils the dream many prophets that Zambia will be the Dubai of Africa.

*By: Dr. Edgar Ng’oma~Philosopher/Political Analyst/Commentator.*

Indeed under the Sun time and chance happen to all, there is always time for everything…time to start and time to finish…time to be born time to die…time to laugh and time to cry… time to celebrate and time to despair…it is no longer strange that all these things happen to all under the Sun.

Having said that…..in a wonderful sequence of leadership succession of Zambia, the Super natural divine power arranged the leadership of this Christian Nation in such a way that I am compelled to digress a bit on it so that you understand why today we have Bally HH as 7th President… it is not by coincidence that he is Zambia’s President at this time when Zambia is in need of such a leader with such an acumen and experience. 7 is a very special number in spiritual equation, it a different number from 1to 6. Let me leave the meaning of 7 for another day.

Zambia under Colonial Rule

In a coordinated super natural arrangement through fine natural selection Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda (MHSRIEP 28 April 1924 – 17 June 2021) became Zambia’s First President (Moses) to set captives free from bondage of colonial repressive regime of the British overseas colonial Administration (BOMA). KK was a Moses who together alongside the Tonga bulls in the names of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula (15 January 1916 – 8 October 1983) and Mainza Mathias Chona (MTSRIEP 21 January 1930 – 11 December 2001) and many other prominent fine sons and daughters of Zambia from across the country got Zambia out of colonial bondage.

Late Chona served as third vice President of Zambia from 1970 to 1973 and Prime Minister on two occasions: from 25 August 1973 to 27 May 1975 and from 20 July 1977 to 15 June 1978

Then when time came to pass, that after 27 years of independence from 1964 ~1991, in a super natural sequence power had to change hands from a physical enslavement to liberate God’s masterpiece nation to spiritual liberation and a David under Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba (FTJ) (MHSRIEP 30 April 1943 – 18 June 2011) who handed Zambia back to God by declaring Zambia a Christian Nation as prescribed in as a preamble in Zambia’s 1996 amended constitution under Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) political party which ruled Zambia for a period of 20 years from 1991~2011 (two decades). Note by now that the years each political power is staying in power is weaning, reducing tremendously… United National independence Party (UNIP) stayed in power for 27 years and MMD 20 years, PF 10 years….UPND..??.. it is a wait and see situation.

Former Zambian President Kaunda talks with COMESA Secretary General Mwencha and Zambian President Mwanawasa in Zambian capital Lusaka. Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda (L), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General Erastus Mwencha (C) and Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa (R) talk as they attend the 10th anniversary of Africa’s main trading bloc, the 19-member Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, or Comesa December 8, 2004 in Zambian capital Lusaka. REUTERS/Salim Henry

Then we had the third President under zero tolerance on corruption for 7 years under a lawyer (remember when Israel had Judges as leaders? ) as State Counsel  (SC)Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (MHSRIEP 3 September 1948 – 19 August 2008) from 2001 to 2008 as the third President of Zambia who was so tough on corruption.

Then we had a transitional President in the 4th President of Zambia His Excellency Rupiah Bwezani Banda for a period of 3 years from Sunday 2nd November, 2008 – Friday 23rd September, 2011. The fourth President is the only one surviving out of the 5 former Presidents that have ruled Zambia and God has kept him for a very good reason to be that bridge between a polarised transition leadership ✋ handover between the 6th and 7th Presidents of Zambia who rarely saw eye to eye. I must confess that through his statesmanship he has put the two 6th and 7th President elect on the same table in a reconciliatory mode such that after bringing the two on one table at his own residence 6th President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has since conceded defeat in the 12th August election and has pledged a smooth handover of instruments of power to the 7th President on Tuesday 24th August 2021. Thanks also go to Jakaya Kikwete Former President of Tanzania who gave to counsel the two leaders.

Then came Noah as 5th President of Zambia Michael Chilufya Charles Sata (MHSRIEP Tuesday 6th July, 1937 – Tuesday 28th October, 2014) with his boat (Chombo cha Noah) and who came in September 2011 ending a 20-year-rule by MMD political party and he declared to rule Zambia using the Israelites biblical 10 commandments which the Moses of Zambia in the first President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda forgot to mention, was corrected by MC Sata the 5th President. This President also set up a zero tolerance tone on corruption and laid a very unprecedented ambitious infrastructure development program for Zambia since independence from Britain in 1964. The unprecedented infrastructure development which we see today that has been successfully accomplished by the 6th President of Zambia Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, born Sunday 11th November , 1956,  who has run a good race as a transitional leader from Thursday 25 January, 2015 after the death of 5th President MC Sata on Tuesday 28th October 2014 to 2021 Tuesday 24th August, 2021, when he is handing over power to a King  Solomon (Hakainde Hichilema born born Monday 4th June, 1962) when Zambia is going to experience unprecedented prosperity never seen before like in the ancient Israel under King Solomon the wisest and richest human being that has ever walked on earth son of King David.

Sata Chiluba and Levy Libala Grounds Wednesday 5th September 2001 -Picture by Derrick Sinjela

It is not a coincidence that President Elect Hakainde Hichilema is the Richest President out of the 7 Presidents to rule Zambia, HH is a biblical replica of his Majesty Wisest and richest King Solomon to have ever lived…make no mistake what HH in 5 (five) years will achieve you won’t imagine. Divine power and favour is on him, he will constitute a fine team of men and women from all the 73 tribes of Zambia based on their competences. Let temporarily leave Bally for now and look at 6th President his predecessor.

Let me digress a bit and reveal a very important role which the 6th President of Zambia Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu accomplished in this divinely illustrated article.

 President Lungu came in as a caretaker of the uncompleted programs left by 5th President MC Sata after his demise in 2014 to finish successfully all the ambitious projects the 5th President had outlined. These ambitious projects just to mention a few are;

The ZMK27 trillion ($5.3bn) ‘Link Zambia-8000’ roads project, a road network across the country, 400 km township roads,  650 health posts across the country of which more than 590 have been done,  100s of new District Hospitals,  upgraded KKIA International Airport,  brand new Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport on the Copperbelt in the Provincial city Ndola , state of the very important Kazungula bridge between  Botswana and Zambia which is a gate way to Southern  Africa.

Other land mark infrastructures developments are 5 new Universities,  Specialised  hospitals never seen before at Maina Soko military hospital and at UTH,  including the new Levy Mwanawasa hospital at Chainama hills hospital which has done very well to mitigate the effects of COVID 19 as a centre under a very competent management  of Professor Lloyd Mulenga and his team of very highly  competent and skilled  medical  practitioners under Prof. Mulenga as COVID 19 National Coordinator to curb the pandemic .

I have no doubt that 6th President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu will go down in the history of Zambia as one such a President that achieved in a short space of time unprecedented infrastructure development never done by any out of the 6 Presidents who ruled Zambia by this time.

He has built several new Secondary and Primary schools, more than 40 new districts.

What Bally will do now is to make them full functional to be useful to Citizens by filling the hospitals and clinics with drugs, where by coupling it with mass recruitment of medical practitioners to in the new hospital infrastructure.

In schools Bally has the responsibility now to equip all schools with desks , computers and books coupled by mass recruitment of teachers and make them perform full of their potential.

Otherwise President Lungu must be congratulated for his fulfilment of an ambitious unprecedented infrastructure development as outlined by the founding father of PF MC Sata MHSRIEP to a very successful conclusion,  may God bless President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his part in making Zambia great as he takes leave, to serve Zambia advisory role, when from time to time as he would be required by the 7th  President His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema to represent him anywhere else in the world as a special envoy to his office as most former presidents are being assigned anywhere else in the world.

Remember that we are all human, and we are bound to error, he like anyone of us might have erred in many things as he served the nation, because it is human to error, as much as it is human to error it is divine to forgive, and on my own behalf I would like urge all those that he offended in one way or another to forgive him knowing that you might not forget what offended you. In as much as we anticipate BALLY to fix the nation him too is human, and in the course of discharge of his duty in the office of President he will be making mistakes, and it is incumbent on each one of us  to play an advisory  role so that we help him to uplift this country to a world class status.

We should prepare ourselves psychologically, that at times, as much as he means well in the process as he discharges his national duty, he will make mistakes which will offend us, we should come and exercise restraint with the use of an available divine gift,  to exercise forgiveness and the same time to be kind to him by giving him wise counsel by not throwing insults and use of strong language at him as we have witnessed before how much our former Presidents were given demeaning abusive nick names such as ,dictator, Kawalala/Thief, Cabbage, Nyamasoya, Satana, Jamason. Mansonist etc


Zambians stop this habit of demeaning your own leaders especially your Presidents, respect and be proud of them and support them, they are all human and prone to error and when they error express your displeasure with both civility and love don’t start calling your own leaders unpleasant names each time they error. They need your love and support.


Like I have said in my opening remarks, time and chance happen to all under the SUN.  Bally without doubt will turn around the economy of Zambia with the kind of credentials he holds in management of natural resources, out of the abundant natural resources Zambia has he will use his knowledge to improve the quality of life of citizens of Zambia.  The prudent management of the abundant natural resources is what Zambia needs today, and BALLY the 7th elect President of Zambia has the necessary credentials to do just that.

Youths of Zambia you never made a mistake on 12th August 2021 when under divine guidance you all rose up in your numbers to cast your vote on Bally because indeed according to your belief he is the right President for the kind of the task laying ahead.  My own biological sons and biological daughters who are graduates still unemployed, all of them of which two of my sons are one is still at the University of Zambia and another Mulungushi University 4th year  doing a bachelor’s degree in  Finance and Banking,  on the morning of Thursday 12th August, 2021 Voting Day approached  me and said sorry Adada (Father in Tumbuka) – we have all resolved to go and cast our votes on Bally (millennial Father), for a simple reason because according to us (my children), President Lungu has laid  a very good foundation for Bally to do the needful after completing his two terms mandate and we are not ready to help him ‘rape’ the Zambian constitution to run for a Third Term, we are going to retire him and at this juncture, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, so much for what you and Uncle Lungu has done for  Zambia in the last 10 years of  the PF rule, but now, we have decided to put our future in the hands of Bally, so that we can also give him a chance to rule Zambia to shape ‘The Zambia We Want and Need’.

19-year-old Malandela Ng’oma, my 3rd born son, doing his Second Year at the University of Zambia studying Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics said to me;  “Adada, I understand the credentials of Bally because that is what I am studying and as such at this time, Zambia needs such a President to Fix this Economy”.

Another nephew, I am keeping at my house, 23-year-old  Lingstone Chirwa, a first year Medical Student at the University of Zambia (UNZA Great East Road Campus) School of Natural Sciences concurred with his kid brother a day before voting told; Aaah, !! Asibweni (uncle) tomorrow morning, I want to tell you that I am voting for Bally for obvious reasons and you being a political analyst you are well conversant with my resolve and can guess” end of quote.

The following day, when I saw the huge turnout of youths at polling stations across the city, I knew the United Party for National Development (UPND Alliance)) partnership led by Hakainde Hichilema, Mutale Nalumango, Charles Lubasi Milupi and Earnest Mwansa  was headed for a landslide victory.

And to be on record again at around 10: 00 hours, I picked my phone and called a former minister in the FTJ Chiluba MMD government, a Tonga Bull, in his own right, Honourable Ackson Sejani, and in a our conversation, I told him that the party he was sympathising with UPND, was headed for a land slide victory and that it was going to be one round outright win of 50+1 % threshold of  between 55 to 65% win of the vote cast !! In a shocking voice, he replied and said to me,  and I quote:

“Really Dr. Ng’oma???  Aaah I have no doubt when it is coming from you, it likely to happen exactly like that for a simple reason, because I have been a keen follower of your objective political postings on various subjects, which most times are very well researched and investigated, you don’t mince your words. Before you write you do proper research on what you share, on what you have said I am very anxious to come and see it pass”.

Three (3) days later, after the results were underway being announced, I called him again and asked him whether he was keenly following the results as being announced by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson Justice Essau Chulu, Deputy Chairperson, Emily Munthali Sikazwe, assisted by Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Patrick Kryticous Nshindano and Corporate Affairs Manager, Patricia Luhanga; and this was what he had to say:

” A ! a ! a ! Dr. Ng’oma what kind of instruments do you use to accurately measure political events?? I am very very shocked now with you, haaa! I must confess this to you, that you have a very rare gift”!

He went further and said:

“After all is said and done I will call you to thank you”

…..end of quote.


I am sure he is still in shock because his President Bally,  got 64.9% of the vote cast within the 55~65 % I had predicted to him that his candidate was likely to score because until today he has not yet called me.

Others you may ask who I shared with my short analysis on the election outcome of the 12th August 2021 election,  and I posted to them the analysis on the 31st July 2021 exactly , exactly 11 days before  election day, they were; Dr. Simon Kamwendo Miti, Secretary to the Cabinet,, Isaac Chipampe,  Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to President Lungu, Attorney General Likando Kalaluka, a Dr. Moono Musanje (Medical surgeon) a UPND sympathiser and Pastor Peter Chanda , President of an opposition political party in Zambia called New Congress Party (NCP), when I wrote to the 4 wanting to meet them, except Dr. Musanje, who I didn’t seek to meet because he is abroad in Indonesia, Jakarta .

I wrote to the four citizens above to seek for a meeting, so that I could tell them how and why HH of UPND was going to win the August 2021 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Election to beat 50+1% threshold out right ~ straight,  without a re-run to which request the all the 4 were willing to meet me so that they hear how I had arrived at my prediction, but I only ended up meeting NCP leader Pastor Chanda, who I explained to, however the other 3 were too busy to meet me which I spiritually understood why they couldn’t meet me, so that the will of…..should be fulfilled under yet another subject of the work of fate(preordained  outcome) no human being has powers to interrupt,  which I tried interrupt but failed and ended up meeting non consequential man who did nothing after receiving the analysis.

However, I have still kept my printed texts on my phone to the 5, I had texted and I am sure for those of you who are close to them can verify with them. It is now history, that why I am telling the story.

Back to our subject, I have no doubt 7th President elect His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema is destined to do the needful, to develop the Zambia we need, and my first caution to him is to observe a few things and I wish I could have said these in confidence to him physically but I will only mention two which I can share publicly in case I won’t get that chance.

  1. Zambia being a nation formed out of freeing tribesmen from neighbouring countries as cowards formed the nation of a rumour mongering peaceful nation we proudly have today, because cowards are violent free by nature.

Since all 73 tribes of Zambia ran away from brave fierce battles in the warring Kingdoms of Mwatayamvo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC),  to the north west,  the Tonga who were the first cowards running away from the Kikuyu and Masai tribes in East Africa to be the first tribe to settle in Zambia as Bantu Botatwe (Tonga, Ila and Lenje) …and at this juncture it’s also highly believed that 7th President elect HH is Ila by tribe and not Tonga as he has been mistakenly labelled Tonga tribesman by his political opponents in the last 15 years of his battle to ascend to the throne of Presidency …let me leave this tribal topic for another day so that I set record straight to end tribal hate speech and to come and put it to rest once for all one day  when I do an article on HH what his correct tribe is .

Story short,  all the tribes in Zambia are cowards running away from somewhere , for example ; both big tribes in Eastern province Chewa and Ngoni as cowardly tribes, where by the Chewa because of ku cheuka cheuka….chewa, chewa…. chewa …chewa ( looking back and forth) as they ran away and escaped from cruel rulers in Sudan, then entered Rwanda known as Hutu in Present day Rwanda, where they briefly settled before they moved into Congo DRC and under another cruel ruler they had, they again run away from him to enter north of lake Malawi in Karonga district, a district which was named after their new ruler Karonga Gawa Undi. Again let me leave this tribal movement for another day.

Going forward, the last cowards Zambia received to complete the 73 tribes of Zambia were a warring tribe Nguni ethnic group (my tribe) running away from a ruthless Zulu King, Ushaka during the mfec’ane battles in the 1820s and left Kwazulu natal and headed north , and in the 1830 successfully entered Zambia as last cowards under their leader Zwangenda Jere (who escaped jail) after he lost a battle where Shaka had assigned his regiment to war and Zwangenda was defeated in that battle with the Ndwandwe of King Zwide, and for fear of going to jail he bolted…until he entered Zambia in around 1830 ….and in 1835 at Feira on 19th November met a total eclipse of the sun at the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi river on the middle of water, exactly like what happened to their (Nguni )ancestors the children of Israel when they were in the middle of the sea that separated Egypt and Canaan when under Moses they too experienced a total eclipse of the SUN when they reached at the middle of sea.  Again let me leave this topic for another day.

Zambia as a ‘Rumour Mongering & Gossip Nation’

Because of a summarised compressed background of our ancestors selected naturally from tribes running away from people with acute fear, for safety in acute uncertainty of who is pursuing them to ascertain safety and self-preservation, they would be in panic mode each time they be heard, ( in chewa) mwanvelako uku ati…..??  (Have You Heard what has happened here and there) to so and so, they then would find themselves always on the run.

In conclusion, to this first advice to President Elect (Mr. Hakainde Hichilema) is never..!! and I repeat…never  !! allow any Hatembo to talk about Himambo in the absence of the other,  that he is like this and like that, that he has done this and that, you will injure innocent Himambo when infact Hatembo wants to use you in his battles with  Himambo. Use that power you have to sort out and nail them, the 5 enemies of society which I will name them as;

  1. Hunger, 2.Disease, 3. Illiteracy, 4. Poor Shelter (Housing Poverty) and 5.Unemployment.

Don’t entertain candilez (Opportunists, Gossip and Rumour Mongering) at the end of the movie you will remain with wrong people around you and feature in that office as a one five (5) year term President.

ADVICE: The only person you should listen from is your Director General of intelligence in the office of the President and get a highly professional person in intelligence circles whether retired or under current deployment who has rose from the ranks from an ordinary officer to head a department, then district, then province and at the level of a director in one of the branch in the office of the President, less than that don’t, you will come and thank me later.

Each time anyone comes to you with intentions to start discussing another person who will not defend himself there,  please, please kindly ask such a person to stop that forth with and encourage such a visitor to stick to the purpose of his visit to your office…however, if it has happened that he has already finished reporting the other person to you, ask such a person to wait somewhere within statehouse and immediately without wasting time summon to your office the victim of the report and once he is before you call the accuser to your office and when the two are in front of you , ask the one who reported the other to repeat exactly what he had originally said to you about the victim who is now sitting next to him…aaah  !! that is when you will thank me…the stammering and sweating that you will witness your Excellency, ….late 3rd President  of Zambia Mwanawasa and President Sata tried it…I am very sure if you ask those who worked with the two Presidents,  they will tell you that Mwanawasa almost detained one gossiper at state house police which sent a very serious signal outside that please when seeing President Mwanawasa do ot discuss people with him, just tell him about your problems and how you would want him to assist you.

President Elect HH kindly only listen from your intelligence chief who has the tools to verify information on anything, in his absence do not listen reports on people even from  your 5 advisors or senior private Secretaries , never try to entertain them encourage them to stick to their professions , because 85% of what you will hear from them is a lie, gossip  rumour, even if it meant them bringing to you a recorded voice note still that is not their job, citizens freely discuss you in leadership and sometimes because they don’t understand how your office function out frustrations they will be calling leaders all sorts of names and that is not good for you to listen to , because it has the potential to annoy you and in anger spend most your time in office angry and failing to concentrate on your big responsibilities which affect the general citizenry.

Finally, sort out the mess at the Constitutional Court (Concourt), so that you set up a judicial system that will stick to protect the rule of law in order to protect and defend Zambia’s constitution which is the will of the people for both citizens and investors to have confidence in the judicial process. Seek legal advice from legal brains such as Professor Muna Ndulo, Professor Michelo Hansungule, John Peter Sangwa, Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) and many more legal brains who will help your government to have a trust worth judicial system.

As for more other advice I will find ways of how they could be communicated to you as a common practice anywhere else in any nation in the world.

Institutions Requiring Serious Hygiene to be overhauled…

  1. Judiciary (Concourt)
  2. Zambia Police
  3. Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)
  4. Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)
  5. Financial Intelligence centre (FIC)
  6. Department of Immigration
  7. Passport Office
  8. Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)
  9. National Scheme Authority (NAPSA)
  10. Zambia Electricity Corporation (ZESCO)
  11. National prosecution authority.
  12. Auditor General’s Office
  13. Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
  14. Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF)
  15. Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU)
  16. Roads Development Agency (RDA)
  17. National Road Fund Authority (NRFA)
  18. Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA)
  19. Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA)
  20. Road Transport Safety Agency (RTSA)

Very Problematic Ministries

  1. Ministry of Health (Medical Stores and Zambia Medicines and Regulatory Authority ZAMRA)
  2. Ministry Lands (Forest 27 and Mukula saga under Forestry Department, Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO PLC)
  3. Ministry of Local Government. Performance of Local Councils almost Dead
  4. Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure
  5. Ministry of Agriculture
  6. Ministry of Justice
  7. Ministry of Energy
  8. Ministry of Mines /Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investments Holdings (ZCCM-IH)
  9. Ministry of Education
  10. Ministry of higher education to deal with UNZA & CBU
  11. Ministry of Finance (IDC) Public Private Partnership Office (PPP)

Other Organisations Which Need Hygiene ARE;

.● Zambia National Procurement Authority

.● Prison Service/Correctional services

  • . Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS)
  • . Zambia National Tourist Board (ZNTB)
  • Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)
  • Indeni Petroleum Refinery Company Ltd (INDENI)
  • Office of the Vice President (OVP) Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU)
  • National Airport Corporation (NAC)
  • Bank of Zambia (BoZ)


I would encourage all citizens to support the incoming government, so that they perform to our expectations, this government has a full mandate of the will of the people of Zambia with 82 Members of Parliament, plus eight (8) Nominated MPs by the Republican President it makes 90 MP’s which closer to two( 2) Thirds Majority already in order to introduce new laws where need arise without corrupting other MP’s to vote with them, the UPND Government has the mandate to fine tune up a constitution and remove all lacunas (discrepancies) in the current constitution and come up with a  constitution which can stand the test of time or UPND can destroy the constitution because of the arrogance of numbers,  which I strongly doubt could happen under a wise leadership of President Elect Hakainde Hichilema looking at how he himself prudently has managed his wealth,  I would encourage the general citizenry to give him a benefit of doubt and trust him with Zambia and national assets and I am sure he will also want to prove his critics wrong.

It is worth noting that PF has 59 MP’s, Independents are 13 with one (1) MP Imanga Wamunyima of Nalolo, Western Province, representing Highvie Hambulo Hamududu, Kasote Singogo and Stella Chintu of the Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP).

The National Assembly election for Kaumbwe (Kapoche renamed in 2016)  Constituency in Petauke, Eastern Province is yet to be conducted, with PF’s Listed Tembo being the last MP from 2016-2021.

At its 1973 establishment, Josiah Kanyuka of the United National Independence Party served as first MP, with his UNIP Comrade Ben Zulu serving four terms 1978, 1983, 1988 and 1991, and in 1996 Alfred Chioza of the MMD won, with Charles Romel Banda of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) grabbing the seat, and MMD’s Nicholas Banda serving two terms in 2006 and 2011.

In the 2021 Kaumbwe poll, could not be held as UPND Alliance candidate in Petauke Bornface Khondowe in Kitwe on Monday 19th July, 2021, according to UPND Eastern Province Chairperson, Johabie Mtonga.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you Sir, 7th President of Zambia President Elect Your Excellency Mr. Hakainde Hichilema on your landslide victory to become the 7th President of Zambia.  Your Excellency, a big congratulation from my family and I, we wish you all the best and I have no doubt you will do as expected by the people of Zambia. Leave all the anger, harassment you were subjected to in 59 years of your life in New Kasama (Community House), so that you enter state house as a refined leader who knows what suffering is, after you yourself having been a victim coming from a humble beginning as a villager who wore no shoes, although wearing no shoes is not a measure of poverty, however, that you as a young village boy has hustled through life to make it to the most high office of the land, well deserved and congratulations.

To the youths, my encouragement to you is that watch out Bally, he will never fail you, I know why I am talking like this, to you security men and women just wait you will see,  to the general citizenry , Bally will impress you very soon, I know what I know, you will soon thank me.

To you in prison…believe me, your future is brighter now, and thanks to President Lungu’s PF government for changing the prisons into correctional services as opposed to being condemned Prison jails with hard labour.

To all my readers, continue following me on my Face Book page and WhatsApp, because you are my source of inspiration, when you post your feedback on many of my well researched and investigated articles I usually author. Believe me,

Zambia will only be developed by Zambians, what the role of every government is to create an enabling environment for citizens to do business, and the government under the leadership of the 7th  President His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema which has pledged to govern this nation on professional conduct, rule of law and zero tolerance on corruption leaving  professional bodies to perform their functions without political interference this government, I have no doubt, it will just do that…it is a wait and trust situation here,  Bally will never fail you!


*Author: Dr. Edgar Ng’oma~Political Analyst/ Philosopher*


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