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——– The Energy Regulation Board ERB has expressed concern over the common business of illegal fuel vending in Lumezi District, spurred by the lack of a fueling station in the vast district.

Energy Regulation Board Manager Public Relations Namukolo Kasumpa tells ZANIS News that apart from selling fuel from unlicensed points being an illegal activity, it also poses a danger to perpetrators of the vice and consumers as the safety of handlers and consumers cannot be guaranteed.

She said the fuel sold on the black market has no price regulation and as such, consumers are bound to be exploited thus discouraging motorists and consumers from purchasing fuel from unlicensed dealers.

“In line with the Energy Regulation Act No. 12 of 2019, illegal fuel vending is a prohibited activity as such, to comprehensively combat the vice, the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) in liaison with other government agencies has established the Anti-Illegal Fuel Vending Committee, “Ms Kasumpa.

She said the Committee comprises the ERB as well as law enforcement agencies and security wings namely the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), Zambia Police, and Ministry of Local Government.


“The Committee is tasked with addressing complaints/ issues regarding illegal fuel vending countrywide. By joining forces, this dedicated multi-agency task team pools its expertise, resources, and legal authority to identify, investigate, and prosecute individuals and entities involved in illegal fuel vending. Through targeted raids countrywide, hundreds of thousands of liters of illegal fuel worth millions of kwacha have been confiscated and the perpetrators apprehended and charged accordingly,” she said.

She explains that the ERB recognizes the importance of fostering public awareness of the risks associated with illegal fuel vending adding that to this end, comprehensive education and awareness campaigns have been launched through wide-ranging initiatives across all communication platforms which include radio and television programs, outreach sensitization campaigns, town hall meetings, and social media platforms.

Ms. Kasumpa said the initiatives are aimed at educating consumers, fuel retailers, and other stakeholders about the consequences of engaging in illegal fuel vending.

“We wish to emphasize that it is against the law to engage in illegal fuel vending even in areas where there are no filling stations. The ERB has developed specific guidelines for the establishment of service stations in fuel deficit areas particularly rural areas,” she added.

She says any person wishing to undertake business in the petroleum sector is required to obtain a license from ERB. – ZANIS/Lumenzi/Eastern Province

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