“Being as good
as your word,” prods Dr. Fred M’membe

Dr. Cosmas Masheke Musumali, Dr. Fred M'membe and Dr. Mwikisa

Socialist Party – Zambia (SPZ) General Secretary (GS) and First Vice President Dr. Cosmas Masheke Musumali (Left), SPZ President Dr. Fred M’membe (Center)and SPZ  Second Vice-President Dr. Chris Ngenda Mwikisa (Right) in Lusaka Picture by Socialist Party Zambia 

By Dr. Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party – Zambia
True words make good weapons; being truthful is a prerequisite to being respected. We can expose our opponents’ lies, while they can never accuse us of telling lies.

From its launch our party has been consistent in principles, and we have never had to choose between our convictions and reality. We have never had to take a position against our conscience to please anyone, in the way some of our opponents sometimes do, and under no circumstances do we have to face this conflict. Being as good as your word is for us a standard approach, a principle that surmounts any conflicting interest.

We believe in winning people over by virtue, and not by lies, fake promises. We have made ethics and morals the rational standard of our party. Politics without ethics and morals will fall short in moral authority.

We believe in being considerate, forgiving and tolerant to others. Our abhorrence of evil makes us tolerate no injustice, exploitation, ethnic and racial discrimination of any kind. In dealing with people, we show no hatred, not even to past or present enemies. Our politics are not characterised by hatred, and we never take revenge on those who brutalised, tormented us or on those who brought infinite pain on us.

We have a very strong sense of solidarity. To us solidarity is a prerequisite for victory. Offering compassion and support to others is an obligation, not a means to exert political influence. We believe in helping others, fighting for others for nothing in return. We value integrity and independence more than material wealth.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

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as your word,” prods Dr. Fred M’membe

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