Zambia Prays for peace ahead of August 2021 polls

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EVANGELICAL Fellowship Of Zambia (EFZ) Chairman Bishop Paul Mususu says the church will continue praying for peace ahead of August polls.
Speaking on a Camnet TV Programme titled the Ministry, Bishop Mususu said there is no need to divide the church.

Bishop Mususu disclosed that he recently met President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and prayed that there will be peace before, during and after the August polls.

The Clergyperson says men of God should endorse any candidate of their individual and collective chouce.

The Pastors Fellowship will tomorrow Saturday 15th May 2021 gather at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross for prayers.

Bishop Paul Mususu with Religious Affairs and National Guidance Minister. reverend Godfridah Sumaili – Picture by Derrick Sinjela 

Bishop Christopher Kabunda, the Lusaka Ministers Fellowship chairperson said they have invited all the presidential candidates for a half-day prayer session.

Bishop Kabunda said no political candidate will be allowed to speak they will just listen to the counsel from the church leaders, stressing that the church is against shading of blood.

The cleric said other candidates will pray in different constituencies where presidential candidates are already on a campaign trail.

Bishop Mususu said it is to the advantage of the presidential candidates to join in the countrywide prayers, as there is need to agree in prayer.

Bishop Mususu said those who have been invited and decide not to attend will be judged by Zambian people.

The EFZ Board Chairperson said politicians should sell their manifesto and not attacking each other.

Bishop Mususu said the voters likely to make a judgement on account of clarity in a particular manifesto.

The prayers are set for Saturday 15th May, 2021 and will start from 08:00 hours and end at 12:00 hours.

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