*World Celebrities to get Free Complimentary Land Plot in Zollywood City……..A New Dawn in Africa as Zambia becomes the Biblical Promised Land*…

Bob Marley
Bob Marley

*Because soon all the world eyes are going to be on this peace paradise/heaven on the continental of Africa with uninterrupted peace and tranquility making the country a peace heaven and the safest tourist and investment destination on the continent of Africa.*

*Author: Dr Edgar Ng’oma*
*Philosopher/Political Analyst*

…..as world celebrities are being invited for the ground breaking ceremony of what becomes the volcanic erruption dubbed transformational economic Uhuru for Africa with a master plan to develop 165 smart cities in the 55 African states by an ambitious Zambian citizen owned company which is pursuing a philosophy that unless africa wakes up from slamber and pursue her own dreams,she will remain to suffer un interrupted abuse by being stripped and raped by the other four continents. What has been sad about Africa is that, first, her people were stolen and as though that was not enough, from stealing of her people what followed until now is the looting of her natural resources exactly how we see the looting of shops currently going on in South Africa where the shop owners are helpless and the police and the army are overwhelmed. But for how long will the looters be allowed to loot as the owners of the shops stand aside and look, will they wait until the prophecy is fulfilled ??…for how long shall the world abuse Africa before Africa says enough??

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Well 2021, is a transformational year and it is only fair for the world to allow Africa chat her own destiny and it is only fair for Africa that after putting her act together through this life changing transformational massive ambitious project Africa must do the needful to herself by taking this challenge to develop Africa for africans, no more drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to cross to Europe with a hope of tasting quality life when we now have a chance to create the Africa and luxury we need.

Africa now is ready and mature to chat her own course, her own destiny, her children which are scattered all over the world through natural selection have amassed enough wealth, knowledge and skills to develop Africa like first world continents and the time is now.

I am happy to announce that Zion train has started off carrying her children from all over the world taking them to their father’s land to Africa , and to start with the first to Africa is Zambia before they are taken to the rest of Africa the reason for the biggest international airport and bullet train hubb on the continent of Africa.


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Tiger Woods

Plans are underway to invite world celebrities mostly of African descent amidst other races of the world to converge in Zambia for ground breaking ceremony of 16 SMART CITIES in that country and an international consultant company a UN affiliate investment and development organization has been given a mandate by National Sugar Corporation citizens empowerment program which is a developer and owner of a Pan African initiative master plan to develop the entire Africa to mobilize resources from all over the world, invite prominent citizens of the world mostly of African descent to give them a chance for once to chat Africa’s destiny in this competitive world where each continent strive to be the best and fights for her people to live quality first world life in a bid to achieve life excellence.

National Sugar Corporation has given this organization 1000 complimentary land property plots to deserving world celebrities in one of the 16 SMART CITIES which will be dedicated to all world celebrities especially so of African descent although it is left open to all races of the world. The celebrity city has been named Zollywood city and the project is fully supported by the Zambian government and the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu .

Zambian President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu creating a Haven of Peace

Once, before the end of this month when we will have achieved to invite a target number of most prominent world celebrities , a date will be set up for the ground breaking ceremony in Zambia at a smart city scheduled to be home to world celebrities which has been named Zollywood city.

This city will domicile the biggest international airport on the continent of Africa if not that it will turn out to be the biggest in the world , with 30 terminals, 6 dedicated to each of the five continents with direct flights to all the major cities of the world.
Zollywood city will also host continental railway network and become both a bullet train hubb and continental railway in central and southern region of Africa to the rest of the continent.

Because of it’s formation to host and become home to world celebrities, Zollywood city will have the biggest shopping mall complex village representative of all what the continent trades in, ranging from African cuisine menu from restaurants, to clothing, clubing, to cultural heritage and tradition and culture.

Zollywood will also be the confluence of all African cultures and tradition and an award headquarters to honor Pan African talent every year.

This is the African dream that one day Africa should stand alone to chat her own course not withstanding the cooperation with other continents but that time around she will be respected as an equal partner in the development of the world as opposed to her current status where she is only preoccupied with consumption of what other continents are manufacturing.

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One critical agenda and the philosophy the 21st century Africa would like to pursue among many social undertaking is for Africa to assemble her own scientists and have a continental institute equivalent to NASA in the USA to research on improvements of many aspects of life, after all most NASA scientists are of African descent, so that sooner than we think, Africa amidst pandemics such as this COVID 19 could develop her own remedial intervention with manufacturing of vaccines for local consumption and export to other continents.

What has inspired National Sugar Corporation citizens empowerment CEO is the ruler of Dubai who turned that desert into a world hubb and shopping destination of the world. What more Zambia with her excellent geographical location surrounded by 10 neighbors, with abundant fresh waters with big rivers and beautiful lakes with wonderful beaches in the midst of abundant natural resources. What was lacking before was the absence of this master plan which has now been put in place. Africa will never be the same again.

The volcanic epi center of this economic Uhuru begins in Zambia the promised land which is also politically stable and without doubt a peace heaven/paradise which makes it one of the worl’s safest tourist and investment destination.

Watch the space, Africa will never be the same anymore and all people’s of african descent are invited to be part of this long awaited economic Uhuru and Zion train is now in motion you are all encouraged to board it, she is taking all of us to our father’s land…

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*Dr. Edgar Ng’oma*.
*Philosopher/ Political Analyst.*

Kindly share to spread this good news about our continent.

A deep reflection and analysis of what Zambia means…..

*By Dr Edgar Ng’oma Philosopher/Political Analyst*

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