Update: Xi stresses contributing to Chinese modernization with solid actions

Update: Xi stresses contributing to Chinese modernization with solid actions
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BEIJING, Feb. 29 (Xinhua) — President Xi Jinping has called on officials at all levels to foster a Marxist style of learning to integrate theory with practice, thereby contributing to advancing Chinese modernization with solid actions.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks in the preface he wrote to the reading materials for the sixth group of trainee officials.

Noting that Chinese modernization opens a new path for humanity toward modernization and creates a new form of human advancement, Xi said it is both a glorious historical mission and a severe realistic test for the Party.

Xi underlined efforts to truly master the key skills of Marxism and to ensure political unity and unity in action with a high-level unity in thinking.

He also urged comprehensively enhancing the officials’ political competence as well as their leadership caliber and working ability in line with the advancement of Chinese modernization.

The purpose of learning the Party’s theoretical innovations is to apply them to practice, Xi noted.

Xi further emphasized the necessity for officials at all levels to maintain their focus on addressing obstacles hindering high-quality development, addressing issues drawing public grievances, and resolving prominent problems in the process of Party building.

“Efforts should be made to effectively prevent and diffuse major risks and work in innovative ways, thus transforming the blueprint mapped out at the 20th CPC National Congress into reality,” Xi said.

The reading materials for the sixth group of trainee officials, currently awaiting publication, consist of nine publications. Among them, four books are intended for theoretical study, while five focus on selected cases concerning the promotion and expansion of Chinese modernization. These cases span a range of topics, including the economy, education, rule of law, culture, and national security. ■

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