The PF and President Lungu have worked, says Ronald Chitotela

Ronald Kaoma Chitotela

Thursday 17th December 2020, President Edgar Lungu

… says without shame, the opposition are using the very facilities brought about by the PF Government to discredit the ruling party.

Pambashe … Wednesday, June, 23, 2021 [Smart Eagles]

PF Member of the Central Committee Hon. Ronald Kaoma Chitotela says victory for the PF in the August 12, elections is certain.

Hon. Chitotela, the PF Pambashe parliamentary candidate has told SMART EAGLES that the ruling party has worked and delivered unprecedented development across the country.

He said without shame the opposition parties are using the roads developed by the PF Government to discredit the ruling party.

Hon. Chitotela has advised electorates against falling for cheap politics being peddled by the opposition who have nothing to offer.

He adds that even candidates that failed to deliver in their various constituencies when they served as member of parliament and as cabinet ministers are today vying for presidency and lying that the PF has failed.

Ronald Kaoma Chitotela lifted shoulder high after nominations

“In Pambashe we have revived old companies and come up with new ones, me and my Kawambwa central colleague Hon. Chilangwa have revived the Kawambwa tea company,” Hon. Chitotela said.

In Pambashe companies such as Mununshi banana plantation, ZAFFICO, Sunbird, Green 2000 project, Kawambwa sugar among others are operational and some former PF cabinet minister failed to revive Mansa battery when they served as member of parliament and today they are vying for presidency and are coming here using the roads we have constructed to lie to the people here that we have failed, they have no shame, ” Hon. Chitotela adds.

Hon. Chitotela the immediate past Tourism and Arts Minister, said only people that have lived in Pambashe are able to appreciate the level of development that has taken place in the area.

Ronald Kaoma Chitotela

He said new schools, roads and health posts have been constructed and operational.

And Hon. Chitotela took a swipe at civil servants practicing partisan politics.

He said civil servants are supposed to serve and be loyal to the Government of the day.


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