Dr. Edgar Ngoma is BuyZed Chairperson

President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema HSH7 appoints Evans Kazonga Ngoma as BuyZed Ambassador


By: Dr. Edgar Ng’oma

Thank you so much Zambia Association of Manufacturers, thank you so much Hon. Chipoka Mulenga Minister for commerce,trade and industry for coming up with such a progressive move in order to speed up and enhance industrial development in the country, it is indeed very important to bring those with experience,knowledge and financial capacity to Zambia to participate in the large industrial scale development we want in Zambia. It is prudent to recognize individuals who have been instrumental in this space of engaging foreign investors.

A big thank you (Taonga Chomene) to you your Excellency for your rare display of Solomonic wisdom when you transfered your Ambassadorial PROUDLY ZAMBIAN on to us BUYZED CAMPAIGN TEAM through the founder and CEO Evans Ng’oma. We thank you so much for it and we will give you the results the country desires. We will do our best to step the campaign to just another level knowing that we have your full powers and blessings whereever we go.

Your Excellency a month before you conferred this PROUDLY ZAMBIAN AMBASSADOR TITLE on us we are happy to report that in the two international trips BUYZED CAMPAIGN TEAM made to woo international investment, we have three ( 3) very huge gifts for Zambia without giving much details we would like to share with you and citizens.

(1) Zambia is expected to be the power hubb with the development of a first of its kind thorium power plant in Africa with a capacity to power the entire COMESA region ending power cuts instantly.

(2) To boost Tourism and investor confidence we are establishing a local airline which will compete with reknown airliners to fly international routes to world famous destination.

(3) And another exciting one is in the road transport sector your Excellency, where motorists have been complaining of high fuel cost, Buyzed Campaign team which has gone international has found a lasting solution and are in the process of partnering with a multibillion dollar company in the assembly, production of affordable electric cars which will be using electricity, the very reason for bringing thorium power plant to produce cheap affordable electricity for lower The income group. On the other hand a sister company will put up a huge electric battery manufacturing plant in Africa to produce all kinds of batteries used in any electronic gadget including laptops, computers, smart phones etc.. There are more things coming but I felt for now I could share with you these few items.

With this Ambassadorial endorsement you have given us your Excellency, Zambia starting 2nd quarter of 2023 will never be the same again. Its a wait and see situation. I have held back a lot of information which I am unable to share which range from the Agriculture sector, entertainment industry, information Technology, smart city development, telecommunication and health sector where one investor from india would like to put up a specialised hospital to stop government in the COMESA REGION from flying to india for specialist treatment instead that hospital will be the one flying doctors from all over the world to come and attend to these patients in need of specialised treatment.

For now,let me stop here so that I leave room to engage. My only appeal to you your Excellency is please talk to your cabinet ministers and permanent secretaries,they are extremely slow at responding to issues brought before them with exception totheMinistry of Agriculture and Zambia Development Agency which has been very efficient each time we have engaged them. Some of these Ministries in question (names withheld) projects were submitted to them last year until today no answer, some this year June/July 2022 till today no answer! A few partners we work with have similar complaints with the same Ministries. Kindly speak to them strongly because this delay is not good in order for government to speed up the change that we want , especially to speed up creation of the much needed youth employment.

Just from our projects with our partners we submitted with two ministries alone have the potential to create more than 3 million jobs by the first quarter of 2023 had they been attended to before August 2022. But todate nothing. Your Excellency please help us to help our government.

I submit.

Dr. Edgar Ng’oma~National Sugar Corporation Executive Chairman/ Buyzed Campaign Chairman.

Dr. Edgar Ngoma is BuyZed Campaign Chairperson












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