Food insecurity a risk to national security – Kampyongo

By: Muba

Stephen Kampyongo, the Opposition Chief Whip, has sounded a warning that Zambia’s food insecurity poses a significant risk to the country’s national security. According to Kampyongo, the two issues are closely linked and can have far-reaching consequences.

Kampyongo, a former Minister of Home Affairs, pointed out that the current administration’s failure to ensure food security has compromised the country’s stability. He alleged that the UPND government’s prioritization of selling off the country’s grain reserves over ensuring food security has put the nation at risk.

The UPND government inherited over 1.5 million metric tonnes of grain from the previous Patriotic Front (PF) administration but chose to export it rather than prioritize food security for Zambians. Kampyongo argued that this decision has led to widespread hunger and instability in the country.

Despite importing maize, the government’s efforts have failed to alleviate the food crisis, leaving many Zambians without access to basic necessities. Kampyongo emphasized that food security is a critical aspect of national security and cannot be overlooked.

The former minister warned that the consequences of food insecurity can be severe, leading to social unrest, political instability, and even conflict. He urged the government to prioritize food security and ensure that Zambians have access to adequate nutrition.

Kampyongo’s warnings come as Zambia faces a severe food crisis, with many families struggling to put food on the table. The country’s food insecurity has been exacerbated by drought, poverty, and poor agricultural policies.

The government’s decision to export grain reserves has been widely criticized, with many arguing that it has prioritized profits over people’s needs. Kampyongo’s statement highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to address food insecurity and ensure national security.

As the country grapples with food insecurity, Kampyongo’s warning serves as a reminder of the critical link between food security and national security. The government must take immediate action to address the food crisis and ensure that Zambians have access to nutritious food.

The consequences of inaction will be severe, leading to widespread instability and potentially even conflict. Kampyongo’s statement is a call to action for the government to prioritize food security and ensure the well-being of its citizens.

In conclusion, Kampyongo’s warning highlights the urgent need for the government to address food insecurity and prioritize national security. The fate of Zambia’s stability and security hangs in the balance, and immediate action is necessary to prevent a catastrophic crisis.

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