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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has accepted a suggestion by the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) to reach out to former President Edgar Lungu.
President said this yesterday when he graced the 125 years’ anniversary of RCZ where the church’s. Synod moderator Ackson Banda called on him to engage Mr Lungu, who they referred to as his brother.
“Your excellency, allow me on behalf of the Reformed Church in Zambia to appeal to you and former President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to come together where Zambians will be seeing you as loving brothers and recognising each other as first citizens of our great nation,” he said as the crowds cheered.
“Your excellency, imagine a situation where the two of you meet, hug each other in sincerity for the love of this great nation, I can assure you that the whole country would have a different and positive perspective of politics”.
Rev Banda said the call for the two leaders to meet is to help enhance unity and peace in governance especially that there is only one living former President and one incumbent.
“We don’t have any other former President but one, and we have one head of State, we are looking forward to seeing you together, where you come together as brothers and you run the affairs of this nation,” Rev Banda said.
On his part, President Hichilema said he will extend his hand to Mr Lungu because Government has adopted an inclusive approach in governance.
“I heard your message loud and clear, I heard your message as I sat there, and you can take it that the message is taken in…and we will do our part to reach out to our colleagues, including ECL himself,” the President said.
President Hichilema’s response received an applause from the crowd.
“Our upbringing is very clear, on the platform of love, on the platform unity, on the platform of tolerance, not violence. We can achieve a lot on the platform of mutual respect. conflict does not help anyone in society” Mr Hichilema said.
The Head of State added that there is need for all leaders in Zambia to embrace peace because the opposite is detrimental to development as evidence in some countries.
Mr Hichilema said no leader should prophesy violence but nurture peace in Zambia.
“We have seen what’s happening in other countries, we don’t Zambia to go in that direction, no leader must visualize an environment where there is smoke on Cairo Road, where there is smoke in Chipata, no!
“Our role is to be able to get our people through most difficult times in peace, in love, extending a hand to each other, and I think this is important.
“And I know why you [Rev Banda] raised this matter, I do understand the psychology why you raised this matter. So, you can count on us,” Mr Hichilema said.
Earlier, the President said the New Dawn counts on the church in a quest to ensure a Zambia that is peaceful, co-existent, loving and anchored on resect the rule of law.
He added that Government will work closely with the Church to address socio-economic challenges, while emphasizing that God allows burdens which He knows humans can triumph over.
The President also applauded RCZ for complementing government for the various initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of Zambians including those affected by drought.
He acknowledged the leadership role the Church provides to its flock while stating that leading people is not easy.
Rev Banda earlier said RCZ will work with Government by complementing government programmes in various sectors like health and education.
“Let me assure you and make mention Your Excellency, we as a church we work with the Government of the day,” Reverend Banda said.
The cleric also called on Mr Hichilema to be wary of some elements that want to paint a narrative that the relationship between the Church-Government is rivalry when in fact not.
“I would like to advise and request you to be wary with some political elements that purport that the Church is anti-government”.
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