“Once caught in a criminal act, you are on your own,”Gilbert Liswaniso warns UPND youths

Gilbert Liswaniso

President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema HSH7 with Joe Biden and Jill Biden – picture by Michael Shutrz

By Francis Maingaila and Derrick Sinjela

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso has offered guidance to the youths across the country on how to behave in the new year as ‘New Dawn‘ President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema begins to ameliorate high income inequality, high poverty and high unemployment.

Mr. Liswaniso distanced the party from unbecoming acts by some overzealous youths in Chingola, Copperbelt Province, who stormed Radio Kokoliko 94.9FM and like lightening flashed Economic and Equity Party  (EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali out of the studio and eventually from ‘Zambia’s Cleanest Town‘.

A visibly disturbed Liswaniso regretted the apparent attacks on assuring journalists country wide that President Hichilema abhors such action.

Borrowing an ‘Aikona You are on Your Own‘ phrase by President Hichilema, Liswaniso popularly revered as ‘Mosquito‘ apologised to the media for the infractions his youths caused practitioners beyond Radio Kokoliko.

“What happened in the Copperbelt is ‘not politics‘ but an act of criminality and the people behind risk being prosecuted. The UPND had done a lot of things which the party needs to explain to the people using the same channels the opposition are using. I advise the provincial chairperson to check the activities of the youths in their respective provinces and ensure that the wrongs being done by the young people come to end immediately,” admonished Liswaniso.

Liswaniso said what some youths are doing costed the Patriotic Front (PF) an election and the youths will not want to repeat the same mistakes peers made.

Liswaniso warned all youths in the habit of insulting leaders to watch their mouths or face expulsion.

The UPND National Youth Chairperson advised youths with issues to seek solutions through the party structures in their locations for the good communications and for the good of the party.

Liswaniso said the communities in the area should get in tough with reality and inform the party leadership for the purpose of addressing the challenges.

Liswaniso said the UPND is duty bound to know what is happening and ensure that what is happening is brought to the attention of the government.

Liswaniso said the government has created lots of opportunities which will be given to the youths following the laid down procedures.

Liswaniso said there will be no criminality that will be tolerated in the process of acquiring the empowerment from the government.

Liswaniso advised the people to hid to the advice president Hichilema made that he is here to work for the people.

Liswaniso vowed his office will put the foot down and ensure that the right things is done.

Comrade Gilbert Liswaniso picture by DERRICK SINJELA 

Liswaniso warned the police command in a habit of inciting the youths to rise against the president when they tell that the government that worked for has abandoned them.

Liswaniso said when the police mistreat the youths in the same manner they are doing is driving the people away from the government.

Liswaniso threatened to take the list of police officers who are inside tarnishing President Hichilema to Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu and Permanent Secretary (PS) Josephs Akafumba.

Liswaniso advised the police to do the right thing and ensure that the mandate of the UPND is completed.

Gilbert Liswaniso (center)

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