Knowledge better than instant wealth, prods Esther Chongo – Zulu

Mrs. Esther Chongo Zulu addressing the conference. 


AS the global community commemorated the International Women’s Day (IWD) tagged: “digitALL innovation and technology for gender equality”, Hope For Life Church International behind Lusaka’s Nyumba Yanga Market off Alex Chola Road hosted a Wednesday, 8th March, 2023 Women’s Empowerment Conference themed :“Empowerment For Extraordinary Growth” convened by Mrs. Esther Chongo Zulu with Pastor Joyce Mwanza, Reverend Emelia Nkonde and Mrs. Beatrice Mulenga as Speakers.

Speaking in an interview during the day-long fellowship, Mrs. Zulu says imparting information in citizens and women in particular is more sustainable than offering cash to recipients of any empowerment activity.

Hope For Life Church International Women Empowerment Conference on course. 

Mrs. Zulu’s argued that more often than not, those that get influenced to prioritize acquisition of instant wealth do not get guaranteed prosperity longevity as evidence shows that instant or spontaneous possessions whither or evaporate like morning dew.

A straight -talking Mrs. Zulu implored male citizens to support females as everyone in any society deserves a space in which to flourish.

Interpreting the 2023 IWD theme: “digitALL, innovation and technology for gender equality,” Mrs. Zulu says as men and women are uniquely created by The Almighty God, it is better to focus on equity.

“As women and men are gifted differently, I prefer to focus on equitable access to monetary and material resources,” advised Mrs. Zulu.

Mrs. Zulu wants equity to reach everyone regardless of gender as she advised parents and guardians to educate both the boy and girl child.

Turning to the Hope For Life Church International Women’s Empowerment Conference theme:”Empowerment For Extraordinary Growth” Mrs. Zulu discouraged women and society as a whole from falling prey to ‘Fake Papa’s’ preaching instant wealth.

Mrs. Zulu reiterated that though out the annually convened Women Empowerment Conference and existence of Hope For Life Church International, Christians, particularly women are made aware that most people winning lotteries end up poorer than at the time of becoming instant millionaires.

Hope For Life Church International Women Empowerment Conference on course

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