Hakainde Hichilema’s empowerment agenda cheers PF’s Christopher Shakafuswa

Hakainde Hichilema’s empowerment agenda cheers PF’s Christopher Shakafuswa

By Derrick Sinjela

President Hakainde Hichilema’s unwavering support and commitment to the betterment of Mandevu constituency and the people of Zambia as a whole has won praise from Patriotic Front (PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher Shakafuswa.

Speaking momemts before Lusaka Province Minister, Ms. Sheal Mulyata handed over Skills Bursaries, Women, Youth and Community Empowerment grants and loans in Mandevu Constituency, Mr. Shakafuswa showered praise President Hichilema dedication is exemplified by the increased allocation in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), rising from K28, 313,902.01 in 2023 to K30, 635,641.96 in 2024.

Ms. Malyata, Lusaka District Commissioner, Ms. Rosa K Zulu,
Lusaka Mayor Ms. Chilando Chitangala, Town Clerk, Liftery Ndaba, Councilors and Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (ZICB) Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ignatius Mwanza witnessed the community empowerment resource resource disbursement.

“This enhanced funding underscores the government’s recognition of our needs and its determination to address them comprehensively.
I appreciate these empowerment loans to 31 applicants and grants to 117 deserving groups of which 128 are female and 60 are male at a total of K2, 328,309.00 which symbolizes Zambia’s unwavering dedication to fostering economic growth and inclusivity within our community. To the loan beneficiaries, this money is for Mandevu constituency and should be paid back. It is not a grant and therefore it is money that we need to grow for our businesses and the children we are raising to be able to access later. To the grant beneficiaries, the allocation of K20, 000 may not be in line with the amount you applied for, however, this is a small piece of the cake we all have to share, I must emphasize that we should implement what we applied for because the vision is to see these grants empower us even at individual level,” prayed Mr. Shakafuswa.

In total, Mr. Shakafuswa said the Community Development Committee in Mandevu Constituency received 177 applications for the grant empowerment and despite selecting the 117 beneficiaries, with 55 applicants still on pending list due to limited funds.

Shakafuswa says the allocation of skills development bursaries to 737 students, is paving the way for a brighter future and equipping Zambian youth with the tools necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

A delighted Mr. Shakafuswa reiterated that Mandevu Constituency received a total of 1,411 applications for skills bursaries with 1,259 shortlisted for verification.

“Mandevu is one of the few constituencies that is receiving overwhelming response for the skills applications, the youths here are eager to acquire skills and change their lives. The skills allocation was exhausted and only 737 students were approved with 558 students still on the pending list.

Selected students have been handed a lifeline, which must not taken for granted.

Shakafuswa says the iimportance of skills empowerment and entrepreneurship cannot be overstated, especially in a constituency like Mandevu, where poverty levels remain unacceptably high.

(Investing in Zambian people, providing them with the means to harness their potential, and fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth, will lay the foundation for sustainable development and prosperity,” noted Shakafuswa.

Additionally, the approval of twelve (12) 2024 community projects totaling K16,589,200.00, which reflect Mandevu Constituency steadfast commitment to infrastructure development and community enhancement.

“The projects approved are a reflection of the needs of the people which we will continue to respect as a constituency,” noted Shakafuswa.

As part of the challenges, Mr. Shakafuswa says nine (9 ) projects are yet to be concluded.

First, Construction of a 1×3 Classroom Block (Phase 1) at Chaisa Combined school at K462,000.00 in Chaisa ward, secondly, Construction of a 1×3 Classroom Block (Phase 1) at Ngwelele Primary School at K462,000.00 in Ngwerere Ward and Construction of a 1×3 Classroom Block (Phase 1) at Olympia Secondary School at K462,000.00 in Mulungushi ward.

Construction of a maternity wing at Kasisi Health Post in Roma Ward at K720,000.00, Rehabilitation of 2.8km of gravel roads in all wards at K1,983,084.96 and Construction of a drainage in Raphael Chota ward from St.Pauls to Chipata Primary School at K907,751.04.

And Rehabilitation and construction of a community drainage in Kabanana ward from Catholic to Kasangula road at K1,891,097.25. Procurement of an Ambulance at K2,700,000.00, Procurement of 3000 desks for various schools at K5,400,000.00.

Mr. Shakafuswa says the resources will act as catalysts for success at individual level.

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