Hakainde Hichilema is winning 2021 elections, predicts Guy Lindsay Scott

Change is a must, predicts Guy Lindsay Scott telling UPND Elections Chairperson Gary Nkombo

….HH is winning 2021 elections

Change is a must, predicts Guy Lindsay Scott

Hakainde Hichilema with Running Mate Mutale Nalumango

…as Hakainde and Edgar Chagwa Lungu fight on twitter

By Derrick Sinjela

AS Zambians prepare to cast the vote on Thursday 12th August 2021 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Election, former first White Republican Head of State, Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott has insisted that change is inevitable.

Hosting United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance aspirant for the Mazabuka Central parliamentary seat, Gary Nkombo, at his Lusaka East residence, Dr. Scott, now serving as a senior now serving as a Senior Advisor to Hakainde Hichilema  said political change is definitely coming.

A close confidante to former 5th Republican President, the late Michael Charles Chilufya Sata, Dr. Scott confidently argued that Zambians are thirsty for political change at the highest office of the country.

Change is a must, predicts Guy Lindsay Scott telling UPND Elections Chairperson Gary Nkombo

Formerly Republican Vice President, Dr. Scott told UPND Chairperson for Elections and Campaign: “Regime change in this year’s general election is a must to prevent the country from being submerged in the inept leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF). Zambians must turn out in huge numbers to usher in Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND to State House and Government”.

However, as the political heat intensifies, both President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and UPND Alliance presidential aspirant, Hichilema took to twitter each claiming to have influenced a strengthened Zambian kwacha which closed trading at 20.7 to one US dollar on Friday 23rd July 2021.

A Hakainde Hichilema twit read: “We said it, that confidence in the market will make the Kwacha appreciate. Independent opinion polls have reported a likely UPND victory, and the markets are already responding. Let’s continue campaigning colleagues. It will get better”!

Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu at State Funeral Justice Irene Chirwa Mambilima, Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia

While Edgar Chagwa Lungu equally twitted: “I’m happy with the efforts of my government, whose fiscal and monetary policies have ensured that our currency gets back on a positive trajectory amidst the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The Kwacha is now trading below K21 per dollar, closing at K20.7 per dollar on Friday 23rd July 2021”.

Wrote Edgar Chagwa Lungu on Facebook: I’m happy with the efforts of my government, whose fiscal and monetary policies have ensured that our currency gets back on a positive trajectory amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The Kwacha is now trading below K21 per dollar, closing at K20.7 per dollar on Friday. It has not been easy to get back on track as Covid-19 disrupted businesses across the globe.

I’m also happy with the investor confidence that has seen foreign exchange inflows into our economy, as well as the resilience of players in the Zambian agriculture, mining and other export-oriented industries during the pandemic. We are now beginning to see inflows from these sectors, which are influencing the appreciation of the Kwacha.

I would like to assure you that with the peace that we enjoy, our country will continue being a favourable investment destination for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s).

We shall also continue taking advantage of our mineral resources such as gold to diversify our reserve assets. We shall continue buying gold to ensure that we have assets to help stabilise our currency in times of economic downturns.

Stockpiling of gold will also ensure that even future generations benefit from the minerals that we are mining today.

My government is also in the process of rolling out a 24-hour economy which shall ensure a much stronger and resilient economic environment for our country. My government’s massive investments in electricity generation have made this dream a reality as our young people and other business persons will conduct their trade with sufficient supply of power.

My government will continue to partner with private sector and continuously engage various stakeholders to ensure we strengthen our economy together. Happy weekend”!

And HH responded: “We will work with our banks, not against them,  to lower our domestic debt.

We will work with our civil servants, not against them, so they don’t have to go into unsustainable debt in the first place. Most importantly, we’ll work with the people, not against them, to lower the price of food so nobody has to kongola for kandolo. The marketeers I met yesterday in Central Province deserve better. Our civil servants deserve better. We deserve better. It’s time for change”.

Obama with Guy Scott, Charlotte Scott and Michelle

Victor Mwale said: “Gary Nkombo, Cornelius Mweetwa , Douglass Siakalima and Jack Mwiimbu you people should not have re-contested in your respective constituencies. You should have been on the group helping HH now moving around different provinces. HH is just alone with his running mate. Does it mean you doubt of UPND winning for you strong members to cling on to your constituencies”?

Concurred Siba Kachuzu: “Honestly Garry Nkombo is good at talking in Parliament not in campaigns. .The guy is not doing enough to put hh in the office. the problem these guys (Nkombo,Mwetwa and Mwimbu) are just selfish they should not have re-contested their seats but help HH on the ground. They are busy in their respective constituencies campaigning.

Moses Sakatende said: “10 years for PF is enough we to vote for new leaders who will bring new ideas which will make the country to move forward

And Peter Kokoliko praised the former Vice President: “I love Dr Guy Scott, very wise man who truly loves Zambia at heart. His predictions are very correct and deserves respect. If these oldies put their hands & heads together and help in the fight against this corrupt government, we will surely rise back to glory. Viva Dr Guy Scott”.

Miyoba C. Mate explained: “This person sweated for PF sure just forgotten like this, he invested his… with English Lesson saying: “I miss Dr. Scott. It’s sad that the PF used racism to derail him from being president. Now the PF is using tribalism to derail HH from being president. If a woman comes along in the future, they would use gender bias to derail her from being president. The PF are savages.

Wilson Mwape backed Facebook peers:: “Dr. Scott is worthy to be the chief advisor. He is an expert in the political space”.

Said Mecius Ngwema: “From the very beginning, Dr Scott rejected Edgar Chagwa Lungu and now Zambians have now seen what Dr Scott saw in ECL that the man cannot rule and now he is leaving us in huge debts and has no respect for the law”.

Chanda Chanda recollected: “The rivalry that was characterised at the time of succession to the pf presidency has not settled and will never settle down”.

But Richard Mukuka advised: “My humble advice to former vp is that us Zambians loves you. Enjoy your money, wait for a very good burial like KK (Zambia’s former First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda, who died on Thursday 17th June . Those are following you to destroy your name

Manunga Tonkanya said: “Why is honourable Nkombo not heard at this critical moment when campaigns are in high gear?… as Chibuta Chengelo wrote: “Mr Guy you really inspired me a lot since I know you and you are my favourite. My God bless you always”.

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