Guess Nyirenda advises voters to probe political party manifestos

Guess Nyirenda advises vorters to probe political party manifestos

By Derrick Sinjela and Ashton Kelly Bunda

OPERATION Young Vote (OYV) Executive Director Guess Nyirenda has advised the Zambian electorate to thoroughly analyse issues raised in all political party manifestos for them make informed choices on Thursday 12th August 2021.

Mr. Nyirenda says the electorate needed to make informed decisions because the polls bordered on socio-economic development.

Mr. Nyirenda emphasized an urgent need for Zambians to critically examine all manifestoes of each political party on various sectors of the economy to make the election an issue based on for democratic growth and development.

Nyirenda says Operation Young Vote has assessed all political parties arguing that based on OYV recent assessment some of the content in some Political party manifestoes are unattainable.

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