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Change is a must, predicts Guy Lindsay Scott tells Gary Nkombo



GO Back to the Land Zambia has appealed to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to incorporate, in the new Constituency Development Fund guidelines, Civil Servant who are working and doing business in rural areas such as farming, to access the CDF Loans.

GO Back to the Land Zambia leader Cyprian Phiri believes this will be in line with the New Dawn Government which has realized as stated in the 8th National Development Plan that, in “order for a Country to attain Socio Economic Transformation for improved livelihood, a Zambian, regardless of his/her status, tribe, and political affiliation, must be at the center, in all national developmental agenda of the country”.

Phiri is confident that incorporating civil servants working and doing business in the rural areas to access CDF Loans, will not only contribute to the Socio- Economic Transformation but create jobs.

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