Charles Kapoma Nakhoze’s ZSIC offers Accident Insurance to 400 EAZ – NES delegates

ZSIC General Insurance MD Charles Kapoma Nakhoze and Economics Association of Zambia President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka talk

ZSIC General Insurance MD Charles Kapoma Nakhoze and Economics Association of Zambia President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka talk

By Derrick Sinjela and Ashton Kelly Bunda

ZSIC General Insurance Managing Director Charles Kapoma Nakhoze has unveiled Sponsorship of Insurance Cover for the Economics Association Of Zambia (EAZ) 2nd National Economic Summit (NES)in July in Livingstone, under the Theme: “Promoting Economic Resilience and sustainability Post COVID 19 Pandemic.” Presenting the sponsorship package to EAZ President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, witnessed by EAZ Board Members and ZSIC General EMT, Mr. Nakhoze attested to ZSIC General Insurance delight to partner with the economic think-tank.

EAZ President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka expressed gratitude that ZISC has come on board to support the summit which is called to find solutions to the economic challenges in the advent of Covid-19. Mr. Nakhoze described Theme: “Promoting Economic Resilience and sustainability Post Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic,” as a positive step as the World at large starts recovering from the negative effects of the Pandemic.

“We salute you on your role as an Economic influencer by creating such platforms for Stakeholder engagements aimed at accelerating economic development and citizen’s wealth creation and empowerment. The theme of the Summit sits very well with the 7th National Development Plan under the following pillars; Economic diversification and Job creation, Poverty and vulnerability reduction and Reducing developmental inequalities,” noted Mr. Nakhoze.

Mr. Nakhoze reiterated that the Covid 19 Pandemic has reversed some gains made under the 7th National Development Plan, hence a clear need to chart a fresh way forward through stakeholder interaction at the Summit in the tourist capital of Zambia.

“ZSIC General Insurance Ltd as a major economic player in the preservation of assets both personal or corporate and Government stands shoulder to shoulder with EAZ in the quest to improve the National economy to ensure no one is left behind by; Producing easy to understand policies for the majority uninsured Zambians e.g. Marketeers and small scale farmers using payment systems that are affordable and easy to use, Enhancing the Claims Service so that our clients can see immediate value for money from premiums paid, Consumer education to explain the importance of Insurance and its affordability through media that is close to the clients and Improving our operational systems to ensure easy access to our products and services e.g. customer portals and presence Online,” pledged an optimistic Mr. Nakhoze.

ZSIC General Insurance MD Charles Kapoma Nakhoze with Economics Association Of Zambia President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka

Mr. Nakhoze hopefully handedover the policy document detailing the cover for Group Personal Accident at the 2nd National Economic Summit to be held in July 2021 to EAS President, Dr. Haabazoka.

“Organizing such a Summit is a mammoth task and as a result ZSIC General Insurance Ltd has come through to lessen your burden by providing Group Personal Accident Insurance to about 400 registered delegates up to K500 000 limit for the period of the event. Specifically, each delegate will be covered for K25 000 for death, permanent disablement, funeral expenses and repatriation expenses for the duration of the Summit. It is our hope that this gesture will encourage the general delegates to focus on the core business of the Summit whilst leaving ZSIC General Insurance Ltd take care of any unforeseen physical harm to delegates,” attested Mr. Nakhoze and happily learnt that the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic is an Agenda item during the Summit, and hoped strategies will emerge from this stakeholder interaction to be deployed to sustain the Zambia economy beyond the current challenges.

Communications Manager Ms. Tendai Posiana with EAZ President Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka and Executive Director Ms. Mirriam Nachilima – Wednesday 5th May 2021 Picture by Derrick Sinjela

On his part, Mr. Haabazoka explained that the aim of the economic summit is to jump-start the economic activities after the devastating effects of Covid-19.

“The presence of ZISC in the economic activities of Zambia will ensure that risks are minimised. This support from ZISC has come in handy as the people that will go to the summit and focus on finding solutions,” noted Haabazoka.

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