Rosatom Inaugurates Global Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development, Holds First Meeting of Impact Team 2050


Rosatom Inaugurates Global Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development, Holds First Meeting of Impact Team 2050

14 September 2022, Moscow. Rosatom held the first meeting of Impact Team 2050, which is the global youth advisory council to the Rosatom CEO. Among the headliners of the meeting were Rosatom’s Deputy Director General for Human Resources Tatyana Terentyeva and President of Rusatom International Network Vadim Titov, who met with the Council Members from 12 countries.

In December 2021, at the Global Impact Conference, Alexey Likhachev, the Rosatom Director General, announced the launch of the company’s partnership with youth for sustainable development. “I am convinced that our partnership with the younger generation will become a driving force of positive change around the world,” he said.

Rosatom’s initiative was designed as a mechanism for engaging outstanding young people from different countries into the process of corporation’s business transformation and development of strategic solutions that will improve the quality of life. The unique partnership will enable Rosatom to work more efficiently with global youth demands for changes and sustainable development.

The members of Impact Team 2050 are 12 young people from 12 countries: talented scientists, engineers, managers, community and opinion leaders, international activists in the field of sustainable development and climate change. Each member is a role model, who is followed by numerous young people with their special set of values and vision for world’s development trends.

“Integration of proactive talented youth and Rosatom’s capabilities in driving the sustainable development leads to new initiatives built on the principles of cooperation and co-creation. The council will be invited to participate in enhancing Rosatom’s priority businesses where young people are already an important stakeholder and partner,” said Rosatom’s Deputy Director General for HR Tatyana Terentyeva.

“Rosatom is accustomed to looking ahead for tens, and sometimes hundreds of years because it is impossible to work in the field of nuclear energy otherwise. The Impact Team 2050 meets our objectives, as dialogue with opinion leaders among young people determines the agenda of global development and shapes a sustainable future today,” said Vadim Titov, President of Rusatom International Network.

“I’m happy to be a part of the Impact Team where I get to serve with a team a vibrant, dedicated young people. As I was going through their profiles my heart was overflowing with hope and inspiration. My part will be contributing to meet the objectives of the Impact Team, I look forward to the journey ahead of us”, said Princess Mthombeni, Member of Impact Team 2050, Republic of South Africa.

“A number of international organizations are calling for more active work with young people, engaging them in projects, and at the same time they don’t offer real opportunities for the younger generation to change the world for the better. Rosatom has already presented relevant opportunities today, and this is a new level of partnership,” said Norah Zhang, Member of Impact Team 2050 from China.

This year, complementing to core activities of the youth advisory council, young people are invited to participate in the ATOMEXPO International Forum in Sochi and offered to join the Programme Committee of the Global Impact Conference 2022 in Nizhny Novgorod, where they will meet with Rosatom’s senior leadership.

Rosatom Inaugurates Global Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development, Holds First Meeting of Impact Team 2050

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